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Being a social media marketing company that helped shaping many of the most revered brands, we have the knowledge and expertise to let your business rope leverages in this highly contested arena. Now the social media users upon crossing the 1 billion’ mark became the most influencing community in the world, for marketers and any business ventures. One sixth of the population of the world spends more than 70 hours each week on the web among which the largest share goes to social media. We are aware of this increasingly influential role of social media in mending buying decisions of consumers. We also know the challenge of utilizing this influence to the benefit of our clients. Our social media experts with their target driven approach and years of experience will knit together best marketing practices to surpass your business expectation.

Take the leverage of unique 360 degree Social Media marketing

Engaging users with the businesses and brands has been our forte for years. And we do that in unique, effective and result driven way. Millions of users from all social media platforms are continuously being exposed to all sorts of information related to brands, services, products, offers, reviews, feedbacks, statements, promises and all sorts of facts and figure that can influence a person’s decision making. It is no longer that making people aware of your brand or service will yield assured success, but it is more and more important to engage them and let them participate and share their views and that makes a brand live in people’s words. Our social media marketing is just geared to that objective. Below we mention our focus areas.

  • Making a sound network in your business niche or industry and making the engagement richer through regular interaction.
  • Fetching quality links and posts to your social media posts.
  • Building trust and brand royalty by developing follower groups and hitting social platforms regularly with interesting contents and updates.
  • Planning marketing strategy for different platforms in a different way. This includes all major social media platforms including Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumbler, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon and many other niche social sites.
  • Our core strength lies in extensive research in social media trends, industry trends, user behavior and demographic trends and finally brand analysis.
  • Our core focus lies in formulating a customized marketing strategy for every brand or business and then executing the strategy to the fullest potential.

What makes PulpySoft so special in social media marketing?

We feel happy in creating success stories for small and medium businesses with our intensive marketing strategy, though many big brands prefer us for our unique research and user engagement strategy. At every step we strive to turn greater volume of users into your buyers! Here below we mention some aspects that made us so preferred a name in social media marketing.

  • Dedicated and experienced team for social media research and market and brand analysis.
  • Working by setting up time framed goals and ROI metrics.
  • Coming up with compelling, engaging, relevant, creative and unique contents and posts.
  • Skilled social media professionals to crack engaging dialogues and following them up.
  • Dynamic social media presence utilizing all types of contents and promotional endeavors including photo and video sharing, blog and content sharing, social media posts, chat rooms, forums, user community, promotion through direct message, tweets and all.
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