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CodeIgniter is considered as a very agile, open and performance driven PHP framework that makes it easier to develop a website with reach features and dynamic abilities. It is particular favored by clients and developers as it offers great ease and speed in developing a website. We offer specialized PHP CodeIgniter developer support for performance driven dynamic websites. This object oriented framework provides a rich set of libraries facilitating features, design maneuvers and speed for empowering your site. We have years of experience in developing many dynamic websites from various niches with this PHP framework. From web portals to web apps to Rich Internet Applications, we know how to use CodeIgniter to its fullest potential.

Empower Your Website with the CodeIgniter Edge

CodeIgniter makes it easier and faster for developing a website while enriching it with array of advanced features. By making it possible for the developers and designers work simultaneously this MVC based framework actually saves half the time required for developing a website. Here below we mention some important advantages of CodeIgniter framework.

  • You hardly need to configure or install.
  • It is dynamic, fast-paced and high performance driven.
  • Very easy and flexible for programmers.
  • While using CodeIgniter you do not need big libraries.
  • Great compatibility with standard server side features and platforms.
  • MVC framework allows simultaneous design and coding, lowering the development time to a minimum.
  • It is the most economic web development language to ensure great flexibility and efficiency in your business website.

 Why PulpySoft for your CodeIgniter development?

Whether it is for a website, a web portal or for web apps, the performance and dynamic capabilities of CodeIgniter makes it most preferred choice for many customers, especially business clients with a priority for speed and performance while not sacrificing on features. Having years of experience in developing websites and diverse web applications we know how to use CodeIgniter to the best of its ability to meet our client expectation. We have the track record of developing CodeIgniter apps and websites for many business niches that are benchmarked by the industry experts. In our hand your CodeIgniter website can find its optimum potential. Here below are some reasons to choose us.

  • All our CodeIgniter developers have at least 5 years of experience in working with this framework.
  • Simultaneously beside CodeIgniter we have proven expertise and excellence in working with all major web development languages and frameworks including Ajax, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML and others.
  • We maintain consistent focus on functionalities and performance.
  • We have dedicated expert team for PHP CodeIgniter apps development.
  • Fast, time-framed project execution at a very competitive cost.
  • Flexibility of consulting our developers and choosing your team for the project.
  • Our experts guide you at every step regarding the suitable mix and match of development aspects and will guarantee a thoroughly customized approach as per your requirement.
  • We offer on-going post development technical support, maintenance and consultation to our valued business clients.
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