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Common UX Button Types

Common UX Button Types

Users can take the actions

Common Types of UX Buttons


Users can take the actions

Buttons enable users to make choices and take action, with just one click. Users can take the actions communicated by buttons. Usually, they are placed throughout the website UI and buttons must be recognizable and easily findable while signifying clearly the action they enable a user to finish.

Users can take the actions

Here are the major and common types of UX buttons:

  1. Dropdown Button
  2. Text Button
  3. Hamburger Button
  4. Toggle Button
  5. Floating Action Button
  6. CTA Button
  7. Ghost Button
  8. Raised Button
  9. Share Button
  10. Expendable Button
  11. Plus Button
  12. Delete Button
  13. Play Button
  14. Flat Button

Factors to Consider When Designing UX Buttons

Designers should use those designs that follow the fundamental rules of UI/UX designing. Particularly ones that cannot just lead users through a mobile app or website efficiently but can also convince them for clicking for better sales.

UI/UX designers must concentrate on button designs for making unique buttons. They should assess and share ways, principles, and secrets by reading many articles and arrange the size, position, shape, color, and more factors.

Designers always need unique concepts, clues, or inspiration for producing useful and unique buttons for your mobile or web apps. Let’s take a look at the factors that you can’t miss out on while designing UX buttons:

  1. Shape
  2. Size
  3. Placement
  4. Color
  5. Microcopy

Buttons are the best way of directing users into taking the actions you wish them to take. These buttons will emerge and become more engaging in the future. So, plan them considering the factors discussed above. Make them more intuitive, flashy, and useful, so the users can easily engage with your application.

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