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Cleaning Up Your Workspace

Cleaning Up Your Workspace

If you find yourself constantly looking for a piece of paper to write on or a pen to take notes, chances are you workspace could use a little organizing. Make this the year that you get on top of everything and clean up your desk so you never have to search around again!

Having a clear work-space will make you feel more productive as well, because it can clear and calm your mind. You don’t want to spend your days at work stressed out or feeling overwhelmed, and a clean space can help prevent that.

  • Create an area for everything: The best way to organize is to have a specific area designated for all of your supplies. That way, you will know where everything is at all times. This will save you time and frustration.
  • Do it regularly: Once you do massive cleaning to organize yourself, you should work to keep the area as spotless as possible. At the end of each week you should take a look around your desk and throw away anything you no longer need, and make sure everything is in its proper place.
  • Don’t over personalize: While you will want to have a few pictures of friends and family on your desk, you should be careful not to clutter up the space with too many personal items. This will just make it harder for you to keep everything organized in the future.
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