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CakePHP Development Company

CakePHP is a PHP framework for rapid development of versatile web applications. This open source framework follows advanced software development concepts like Model View Controller (MVC), Convention over Configuration, Association Data Mapping, etc. If you want to make powerful web applications at a short time then this framework can be ideal. Over the years as a web and application developed company we have provided CakePHP edge to many well known web applications. Being based on MVC protocol CakePHP this framework cut down the development time to a great extent as designers and developers can work simultaneously on this platform. This well organized smart and glitch free PHP framework is embraced by millions of web developers for its smooth performance and rapid building time.

Get the edge of speed and performance with CakePHP

In our years of experience in web app development we have seen that ambitious web applications that are versatile in feature set, flexible and easy enough for the end users and known for least development time, prefer mostly CakePHP. If you want to build quick web apps with lot of flexibility and ease, it is the cake for you. Whether developing smooth web apps or integrating CakePHP advantages into your website, our expert CakePHP developers can assure providing you the best of this framework.

Why CakePHP for developing web applications?

CakePHP offers some distinct advantages for rapid development of web applications and feature rich websites. Here below we provide some reasons to use CakePHP in your next web app.

  • You can find an array of in-built features in CakePHP including language translation, caching, access to database, validation, authentication, internalization, security framework, etc.
  • It is based on Motion View Controller (MVC) and supports PHP4 and PHP5.
  • Enabled for Ajax.
  • Scaffolding makes it easy to build prototypes at rapid space and cut down on development time.
  • Flexible and fast-paced template creation.
  • Open source and free and so cost effective for users.
  • Complete with high security features like input validation, protection from tampering forms, CSRF protection, protection from SQL injection and XSS.
  • Easy and smooth for user handling.

CakePHP Development that we are well known for

We at PulpySoft focus on implementing a framework or coding platform to its fullest strength to unleash all the advantages of the development framework for our clients. We have proven expertise and experience to handle a wide array of development jobs with a fast paced flexible framework like CakePHP. Here below we mention some of the development jobs that we handle with CakePHP.

  • Developing web apps with CakePHP codes.
  • Web portal development with CakePHP and MySQL database.
  • Developing ecommerce sites integrating CakePHP.
  • Integrating CakePHP with social media apps and third party APIs.
  • Support and maintenance to CakePHP sites and web apps.

CakePHP Development Company

 Why hire PulpySoft for your CakePHP web development?

Expertise, experience and versatile cross platform skill set to utilize the framework to the best of your advantage – these make people prefer us for their web development requirements on any framework including CakePHP. Here are some distinct positive attributes that go in our favor.

  • All our CakePHP developers possess at least 5 years of experience working with this framework.
  • Great cross platform expertise including Ajax, HTML5, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS and others.
  • We give you insights as to make your apps more effective.
  • We offer time-framed project management with online execution capability.
  • Choose your own team of expert CakePHP developers.
  • We offer the most competitive rate maintaining highest quality standard.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for all our valued clients.

CakePHP Development Company

CakePHP Development Company

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